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Start working in a creative agency where you're not just a cog in someone else's big success machine. You're a creator, a trigger. You have the power.

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We give you opportunities

We give flow, we give knowledge and a team ready for action. The question is, how are You going to use it?

Collaborate with the design, development and marketing team and project managers to jointly implement brilliant projects. Take over, lead and develop - processes or company products that will allow you to use your superpowers and interests. Achieve success and celebrate over a bottle of champagne - together with the team and our clients.

We are the Creators

We believe that design, marketing or commercial communication can and are today a form of art. We want to create and influence the world around us. We are crazy about our work and we express it - in our projects, in self-improvement, in commitment. We challenge ourselves on a daily basis, as this makes us happy. Join us

Creativity cycles
Zen and enso

In our daily work, we are close to the Zen philosophy and the enso concept. We may not have much in common with monks, but we believe that creative work requires space. Repeatable cycles that ensure peace of mind, thoughtful organization and the ability to act while fully focused is our way to escalate our capabilities. Check it out. It really works!

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Why Creanso

See what you can expect from working for us.
Hard and soft

Hard and soft

We work on software and tools that you like and know. From Creative Cloud to Slack - we provide industry standards that offer work comfort. Depending on your needs, you can also receive from us a mobile MacBook Pro 14” or Air. Do you prefer Windows? If you do, you got it.

Development, training, courses

Development, training, courses

Joining Creanso, gives you many possibilities. You can polish your English, take advantage of numerous courses available on the e-learning platform, and get funding for individual training courses. Whatever your personal development plan, we'll keep up.

Flexible & Hybrid

Flexible & Hybrid

We value direct work - brainstorming, quick consultations and small talks next to the coffee machine are part of our company's DNA. Remote Wednesdays are the standard here, but if you want work more from home, rest assured - we give you this opportunity.

Friendships and fun

Friendships and fun

A good atmosphere at work is the foundation for us. We take care of it in many ways: from the smooth flow of information in projects, through regular integration meetings, to supporting employee initiatives. At Creanso, we can count on each other, and that's cool.

Who are we missing?

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PHP Developer (PrestaShop)

7 000 - 12 000 PLN (B2B)

PHP Developer - Team Lead


Project Manager

6 000 - 10 000 (B2B)
5 000 - 8 000 (UoP)

What do you appreciate about working at Creanso?

I like working at Creanso above all for the people, who you just work with and go to work with a smile on your face. Besides, what is also important for me is the diversify projects, thanks to which I get to know different industries and points of view.

Dawid, WEB Designer

I like working at Creanso because you can feel that people are fully involved every step of the way. The possibility of development, a very large impact on the direction of the project and friendly co-workers make it an even better workplace.

Kuba, SEO Specialist

At Creanso, I like the fact that I can implement my own ideas and solutions into projects. On the other hand, the people I work with form a well-coordinated, mutually complementary team.

Łukasz, Full Stack Web Developer

I like working at Creanso for the variety of tasks and challenges entrusted to me, the constant development of competences, the dynamics of internal changes, the original atmosphere, the involvement of the Team, the fast pace and the total lack of boredom/stagnation.

Ilona, Office Manager

How do we recruit?

A short and friendly recruitment process with feedback after each stage.


Do you want to work at Creanso? That’s great! Apply, upload all the documents, write a few lines about yourself, and let us recruit you. Whether your application is successful or not, you'll get feedback. We respect your time

Form or task

Form or task

Our recruitment process varies depending on the position you apply for. At this stage, we may ask you to fill out a form or a recruitment task that will show us your skills. Expectations, deadlines, feedback? We are here for you.

HR and Technical Conversation

HR and Technical Conversation

This is the third (and final) stage. Depending on the position, you will have a conversation with Weronika from HR and a technical chat with the manager of the department in which you will work. The interview will take place online or at the office. We welcome any questions you might have:)

Decision and offer

Decision and offer

After direct conversations, give us a moment to decide - we will come back to you with a specific offer. If you accept it, there is onboarding…and you are one of us ;) Welcome to Creanso!


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We are guided by partnership, without hierarchy and employer-employee relations. Personal development is in our DNA, which is why we have a clear system of annual pay rises and appraisals, as well as we offer English lessons and access to e-learning services and platforms.

Creanso consists of three departments: development, design and marketing.

Our developers work on Wordpress, Magento 2 and PrestaShop. In addition they use frameworks such as Laravel and Vue.js

The marketing department consists of SEO, SEM specialists and an experienced content creator. The team uses advertising systems such as Google Ads, Facebook Ads, ScapeBox, ScreamingFrog, Ahrefs, Pages or Lightroom.

The employees of the design department are engaged in creating visual identification and product design. Logo, key visuale are created mainly with the use of Adobe Illustrator. A proficient knowledge of Photoshop or InDesign also improves the creative process.

Most times, we look for people who will support us with work in the above-mentioned areas, which also could not develop without the support of Project Manager, administration, financial department or HR. We also recruit for these positions.

We place job offers on our website.
If we do not currently have an open recruitment for the position you are interested in, please submit your application to We'll get back to you!

It depends on the position. After submitting a CV and answering a few questions, you will most often receive a recruitment task from us. However, this is not a fixed point and does not apply to every job. At the next stage, you will be interviewed by a person from the HR department and a specialist or specialist in a given field. You will receive information about the qualification for individual stages by e-mail or by phone.

At the interview, we will talk about your experience, skills and motivation, as well as tell you how working in our company looks like. The interview is an opportunity for us to get to know each other. We try to make the process as stressful as possible. We promise - no questions about a hundred uses of paper clip. ;)

No, the task is created and used only for recruitment purposes. We also do not ask you to execute orders corresponding to the subject areas that we are currently working on with our Clients. The recruitment task allows us to assess your skills and look at the areas you are interested in. The process allows us to accurately match the candidate to the team, and in the future provide them with developing challenges.

No. In our office, we focus on the comfort and convenience of team members.

Yes. We start work between 8: 00 and 10: 00 and finish it between 4: 00 and 6: 00. 
In exceptional situations, you can also leave the office early and catch up on another day. 

We care for the cooperation of the entire team, so we prefer meetings in the office, but we offer the opportunity to work remotely on Wednesdays and in exceptional situations. In individual cases, we are open to further negotiations.

Our office is located in Wrocław at Plac Solidarności 1/3/5 1/3/5 on the 5th floor. The elevator will take you to the fourth floor, then take the stairs.

If you have any questions, please contact us at You can also contact Paulina ( or Veronica ( directly.

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Weronika Małecka - HR Specialist
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